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How to Choose Golf Management Software

Since the dawning of the computer age, a variety of golf management software solutions have been created. Indeed, some of them have matched or even exceeded customer expectations. Still, it can’t be denied that not all of these solutions are created equal. Obviously, it’s a must for you to study each option before deciding which one is best for you.

Before you choose any golf course management solution, be sure to consider the following:

Membership Management

First and foremost, pick a golf course management solution that offers maximum membership management efficiency. For instance, the system should let you write letters easily, and the same goes for segmenting members and even updating the software itself.

Accounting System

Also look into the accounting model that the software uses. Pick a solution that uses a model which has been tested over the years beyond basic methods.

Personal Member Information

Good golf course management software allows you to work with member information with efficiency. For example, when searching for certain items, you can choose the fields you want and apply filters so you will get as relevant information as possible. In short, a good system will give you member information you want fast and simple.

Wise Communications

Find a golf course management software that saves a pdf file for letters you write, and then stores those letters in a folder for your future reference. If the letter can be emailed, the system will email it as an attachment; otherwise, it will be printed on your local printer. Think payment reminders, subscriptions and the like – this feature will be incredibly helpful.

Payment Management

Your system must have the ability to process payments based on your pre-programmed criteria. However, when it comes to fund allocations, you should be given the choice to override the system as well. In addition, a good system will let you set up payment schemes.

Member Record Keeping

As you are certainly aware of, there’s a wealth of information in members’ records. In case the solution doesn’t cover what you want, it must allow you to add custom fields. There should be two completely separate key areas – members’ details and members’ financial details.

System Integration

Finally, a comprehensive golf course management solution may work as best as it could, but there will likely be instances when you will have to use software that is not part of it (for example, a gate control program, EPOS and the like). Therefore, make sure you choose a golf course management system that can be easily integrated with any external software you’ll need.

Why not learn more about Golf?

Why not learn more about Golf?

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