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The Benefits of the Standard Based Grading

It is a system of instruction, the assessment, the grading and the academic reports is the standard based grading. This reports usually rely on the student’s ability to demonstrate mastery of knowledge and of skills they should learn. This should happen while they are progressing their education. This ensures that details, provide the concepts and materials that a student ought to know at all levels. Instructions by teachers are usually guided by this standards. Teachers ensure that students learn the anticipated standards they ought to know before they leave a class. the students’ report card has the list of the standards of learning. The report also contains on each learning standard a grade. Grades tell how the student mastered materials based grading. Discover more about the standard based grading.

The wide use is due to many of its benefits. View here for more about this benefits. one benefit is that it gives a meaning to grades. Letter grade earned by a student usually linked to a graduation credit. The student is well aware why they were awarded each specific grade. The student is made aware of their performance per standard. the vagueness of why the student were awarded specific grades. accountability lies on both the student and the teacher when this grading is used. Specific standards of learning are usually expected from the commencement of the class. Normally all the teachers have the knowledge of what they ought to teach. Both the teacher and the student make use of the formative assessments that is consistent. This enables them to be aware of how well they are performing. adjustment is done when need arises because it is based on learning targets. Skillful understanding is enables at the end of the course.

There is better feedback that is used for improvement. The grades are normally divided into various learning standards. Students are helped in identifying the areas that require improvement. This info is also used by the teachers. The teachers use the info to improve on their instructions. The teacher is able to identify when a majority of the students lack the understanding on a specific standard. Their focus will then shift to the specific standard

the standard based grading is able to provide the information that will differentiate instructions. The learning standard are common to a class and a recurrent formative assessment. It is possible for the teacher to identify the specific students that are at each level at each standard. Differentiation of instruction is made possible using this info. Students are assigned different assignments based on the info acquired. The proficiency of the students is used. Motivation in students is accomplished through standard based grading. Understanding the grading system is the reason why the students become motivated by it.

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