Tips for Successful Corporate Team Building Events

Research performed by the University of Central Florida has shown team-building activities can have a huge positive impact on office workers. Team building can encourage a more cohesive and productive workplace and teach employees to cooperate more effectively.

Unfortunately, it can be hard to get all team members on board with corporate team building exercises. That’s why it’s important to think outside the box and find activities that will appeal to everyone. Read on for some tips on how to ensure team building exercises are a success.

Schedule Activities During Work Hours

Even extremely happy and satisfied employees don’t want to give up their precious free time to attend mandatory, work-related activities. That’s why it’s a good idea to schedule events for workdays. Just be sure to check vacation schedules in advance, as there’s little point in scheduling a team-building activity on a day when a large portion of the team plans to be on vacation.

Go Off-Site

Getting everyone out of the building is the best way to help employees interact more freely. It can be particularly advantageous to plan team building events that take place outside, such as scheduling a day trip to an adventure park. Just be sure to choose a facility that has experience hosting team building events and is able to accommodate people of different disability levels, as outdoor exercise can be extremely beneficial, but not all employees are equally capable of performing physically demanding tasks.

Set Clear Expectations

Make sure everyone is on the same page about the activity and each employee knows what to expect. This is particularly important for off-site activities that require a particular wardrobe, but these expectations should also be extended to the goals behind the team building exercises. Employees will be more likely to want to participate if they know why they’re involved in the activity.

Gather Feedback

After the event has taken place, be sure to reach out to all employees who participated to seek feedback about the event. This will make employees feel that their time is valuable and can be very useful when planning any future activities.

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